LittleMissGoth's Faerieality

I'm just a faerie princess.... tie me to the bed and make me yours!

Joanne Samantha Turner
28 March
I wrote this for someone when she asked to describe me.

I can be a ditz, a clutz, a romantic, and a fool,
I'll bring you flowers, or a sextoy, depending on my mood,
I'm pedantic and forgiving,
I hate my joy for living,
A perky depressive, I'll colour the whole world yellow,
And if the men with the straitjacket come, I'll not say hello.
I have sex on the brain, when it's not busy on something or other,
A bizarre set of fetishes, I love to curl up and cuddle.
I'm a confusion of sense, a tangle of straight lines,
And I'm not sure whether I'm coming or going any of the time!