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So the poi have had to be put away for a while... haven't spun them for nearly two weeks now... instead, I've been (a) doing gruntwork (and b) recovering from doing gruntwork!

gruntwork noun physical labour requiring enough effort that one may grunt during its execution. Labour may be classed as gruntwork, even if no grunting is heard; it is determined by the level of exertion, not level of noise.

Basically, I've done two weekends (well, a 4-and-a-half day weekend and a two day weekend, totalling something like 70 hours) working with a friend to rip out sections of a concrete floor and replace them with slightly sloped concrete to make them drain better.

Now, even f I were still fit and used to physical work, this wouldn't have been an easy weekend, but going from being pretty much totally sedentary for a couple of years to that level of intense activity has really taken a lot out of me... I do seem to have an underlying kind of 'base fitness' that means I've been able to get the job done, even if I was slowing down quite badly towards the end of a 10/12/14 hour day, but my recovery period is measured in days rather than hours... back when I was working physically all the time, I could feel like I felt at the end of one of these days when I went to bed and be absolutely fine the next... it took me three days to be pretty much back to normal after last weekend (the 4-ish day one) and I'm not 100% today, having worked friday afternoon/evening and all day saturday but not sunday.

Still, it didn't kill me(!), I'm not too badly broken (although my hands are a bit battered) and I should be somewhat better off shortly as a consequence *^^*