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Exam Results!!!!

Wowwee! exam results out today... looks like i kinda did ok! ;)

Module Code Module Title Start Date Credit Value Credit Level Overall Decision Credit Status Counts To Award
UFCEPQ-15-M Advanced Databases 25/01/2010 15 M 88 Pass Achieved G70012
UFCEPR-15-M Component-Based Software 25/01/2010 15 M 78 Pass Achieved G70012
UFCEPM-15-M Object-Orientated Design & Programming 28/09/2009 15 M 79 Pass Achieved G70012
UFCEX5-15-M Software Engineering Concepts 28/09/2009 15 M 70 Pass Achieved G70012


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8th Jul, 2010 12:16 (UTC)
Oh excellent, very well done!
8th Jul, 2010 12:18 (UTC)
Thankyou hunny *^^*

Is it bad that I'm disappointed by the 70?! ;)

(I am, however, *utterly* relieved by the Adv DB mark... was expecting to fail!)
8th Jul, 2010 16:58 (UTC)
I'm also quite pleased that my exam grades and my coursework grades for two of the modules are pretty much the same... the databases on is the only one with a big split... 83/92... the others are 78/78 and 78/79 (the other one is 70/no-exam)
8th Jul, 2010 17:00 (UTC)
Congratulations! Nice work!
8th Jul, 2010 17:04 (UTC)
than q *^^*
30th Sep, 2010 11:05 (UTC)
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