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Todays not been particularly good... my concentration has drifted away again... after the good day I had yesterday, i can't code today...

I downloaded RedHat 7.3 the other night, so I've spent quite a bit of today downloading the erratas for it... and I've played with my website a little bit.. there's an extra page in the gallery, but it's not a picture page, just an index to break things up a little better... and I've started working on my bio page... I've also decided that I'm going to take out the text-dropper thingy that i set up on the front page.. it's a bit crappy, and I want to get the teletyper working instead... but I haven't taken the dropper out yet.. will do it soon though.

I'm tired (yeah, big surprise..) and i ache (another surprise).. but I'm gonna stay up for an hour or two more and chat with my angel, who just got out of bed... i mean, i know there's a time difference, but even *i* don't get up at 5:30pm.....

I love you angel