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Hoi Poi-Loi

So, this Glasto I figured I'd try and be a bit better with my money and actually have enough to go buy myself some poi. Possibly not the cheapest way to get some, but atleast I knew there'd definitely be some shops selling them... and they ended up costing about what (without any looking) i'd expected anyway... so now I have funky flourescent-coloured poi with trailing rainbowy ribbons... and they make a nice sort-of-vaguely-fire-poi-ish kind of noise as you twirl them... needless to say, they rok sox *^^*

Now, although i did twirl a little in the shop/stall to choose the poi that I liked best (out of 5 or 6 different types, excluding fire-poi) and had them out briefly on the monday before we packed up and left site just to see if i could still do the tiny bit of poi-ing that i used to be able to do, today is the first time i've actually properly played with them.

So, today I've done about 4 hours with them and can now reasonably reliably do the butterfly and (I *think*) the 3 beat weave (but since I kinda just added my follow-my-leader-poi-figure-8 with an extra bit, I'm trying to compare what I was doing to a youtube video to work out if thats actually what it was!)

Not bad really, especially as I've quite radically altered how I actually twirl the poi during the time too... I've always used wrist-roll to generate the swing, but i think the movement involved is just too much, especially once you start trying to do tricky things... plus when you're just spinning by your sides, the poi have a habit of not being particularly parallel... so my basic action has shifted away from the wrist and more into the fingers... haven't a clue whether this is how proper-poiers do it, but I'm pretty comfortable with it now... and it means I can get my hands pretty close together when I'm doing the butterfly or weave, which is cool.

All in all, definitely rather chuffed with the day's efforts, even if my shoulders are now rebelling!