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I give up. The muppetry ends now. This phone is getting returned.

I've been messed around since Monday, with the Carphone Warehouse expecting me, their customer, to run round like a lunatic. I've spent about 7 hours on the phone and/or waiting for phone calls and have been to three different mobile shops, Glasshouton CW, White Rose Three shop and White Rose CW. I've been given totally wrong information, somewhat wrong information, misleading information and (a very small amount of) accurate information.

Now, to be fair, I will say that the shop staff have all been helpful.

I don't know (and I really don't care) what CW have going on behind the scenes, but its an absolute FARCE to expect a customer to spend 7 hours and travel 30 miles to sort out a mistake that was made be someone at their end.

The problem? There was a SIM pack in the parcel with my phone, in a sealed "don't put the enclosed SIM in a handset if you don't like the T&Cs" envelope but no SIM in the SIM pack.

The SIM pack had obviously been opened before, as it had been resealed using sticky tape, and there was definitely no SIM in the pack, only the credit card-sized SIM holder card. And no, it hasn't gotten loose and ended up inside one of the various booklets, nor has it been put in the phone for me by some helper-elf.

I no longer want to even look at the phone, it just pisses me off to see it. Which further pisses me off, because I really rather liked the look of it, even over more feature-rich models.

And to top off the CW stupidity, they insist that I have to return everything to a shop, they won't (as their website says I can) allow me to return it be post... which means I'm going to have someone trying to earn their commission with the hard sell shit when I really can't get out of there quick enough... I just want to get shot of the phone and the accessories (Invisible Shield and a memory card) that I bought specifically for it, make sure I definitely don't end paying for a contract I have no capability to use and get my refund.