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Back from exams! (and new-phone trouble)

Well, exams are over and I'm back home. Not exactly happy with Advanced Databases, but Component Based Software seemed to go ok. I won't hold my breathe though!

Having ordered a shiny new phone on t'internet from one of the national independent phone shops (I'm not mentioning names) before I went, I had expected it to have arrived by the time I got home. This was not the case. Apparently my credit check failed... Now, their website says that if this happens, they'll get in touch to sort it out. I never heard anything; in the end I phoned them to find out what had happened and they said they order had been cancelled. So its all back on again as a new order now... should be here monday.


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27th May, 2010 15:38 (UTC)
I have never bought a phone online without hassle, it sucks but I always end up doing it because the deals are so much better than in the shops.

Glad you exams are over, fingers crossed for the results :-)
( 1 Morsel — Spin A Cobweb )