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What a waste of time!

I've spent far too long trying to play telephone-tag and email-tag with stooopid lecturers who have posted stupid confusing assignment specs...

OK, so, a few weeks ago, we had two assignment specs posted online (ass4 and ass5)... ass4 is a q&a-style essay on a definite course topic (XML Databases) while ass5 is a select-an-essay. The description for ass5 said that there would be a practical alternative (which I wanna do cos I'm not an essay-fan at the best of times!)

Now, this week they posted (late) a practical assignment spec... however ass4 was now renamed as ass4a and the Practical is ass4b, and states quite clearly that it is the alternative to ass4a.

So, this doesn't really make a whole lot of sense... so I want to clarify whether I can do the XML Databases q&a-essay and the Practical as ass4 and ass5 respectively... which is what the original description said would be allowed.

I've posted a message on the message board... two days later, there's been no response, however, the assignment spec for the Practical (still known as ass4b) has been updated (it didn't have any text formatting originally).

This is yet another example of the staff on this module being useless...! We had an assignment totally dropped from the course because they didn't get it online before or even during the Easter break...

In the old days, I would (possibly) have just submitted what I thought was right and hoped... but Uni now requires you to at least attempt all coursework or they won't let you resit if you fail the coursework-aspect of the module... so if I submit the wrong thing, its possible that I'll fall foul of the Uni Regulation and will consequently fail the required-module... which means I fail the whole Masters! And that would be a two thousand pound mistake!!!!