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Well, well, well..!

It's actually done... version 0.11 is finished... not bad going really... and i found a couple of bugs while i was at it.. so all in all, a good thing to have done, especially as it makes the next version quite a lot less annoying to code.

I just finished it, like two minutes ago :-)

And i've been talking to Stephi again... :-) this is good, makes me happy that i seem to actually be in regular touch with her again.. its weird when we don't get to talk for weeks or months on end :-(

I'm hoping that Sarah will come on line soon.. it's 1am and i'm tired and i wanna go sleep, but i wanna talk to her too... grrrr this is *annoying*... which *idiot* invented timezones? cos they *suk*...

Oh well, we'll fill the time for a little bit and add a little more to this...

Told Stephi about Sarah, or rather told stephi more about sarah than i mentioned last night... told her how old sarah is, and how i was falling for her while i was still engaged to hannah and all that sort of stuff... she thinks it's sweet :-) and she doesn't hate me !!!YAY!!! i was nervous about telling her cos i'm not exactly proud of how i've treated hannah in some respects... but i didn't break it off because of sarah... if anything i tried *harder* to keep the relationship going cos i felt i owed hannah that. i stayed longer than i should, i kept taking crap for too much stuff for a long time.

in the end, there wasn't enough there for us to stay together. and we hurt each other a *lot* in the process... in retrospect it would have been better to break it earlier, and break it cleaner. but i didn't know that.

Hmm.. i *think* sarah just got online... so i'm gonna go..

<waves> Bye bye!!!!