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Nokia 6111 fixingness *^^*

So, I've been noticing for a while that my phone takes ages to go from power-on to the PIN request and another age to get from there to the normal screen.

Its not been a huge problem in general, because it nearly never gets turned off... but its also developed an annoying habit of randomly just going away... no shutdown screen displayed, just on one second, off the next... with no apparent cause (its done it while it was lying on a flat, fixed surface without being touched before now! and yet, if I shake the thing in any and all directions, it stays on, so it doesn't look like a battery connection).

Anyway, this random-off-ing-ness has the wonderful side effect that I've been having to power the phone on more frequently than I ever have in the past... and waiting for over 15 minutes to get a usable phone has become a bit of a lot of a pain in the arse!!

So I started trying to work out what the hell it could be:

  • the theme that I have has been on there since the phone was pretty much brand new, and is only a few kb anyway

  • just in case the phone caches the ringtone rather than playing it from "disk", I chopped the music track down to just the first 30 seconds (or something) that is actually being used for the ring tone and dropped the quality of the file quite dramatically too... (lets face it, the crappy little mono moby speaker is not going to reproduce hifi quality audio... a ringtone that sounds pretty rubbish on a proper stereo is perfectly adequate playing on a phone!)

  • I have more than half the phone's (meagre - something like 20Mb) of storage free

That basically left me with nothing but puzzlement... and a still-slow-to-boot phone!

So I decided to try something slightly more random... I purged my text-message boxes... Sent Items (totalling some 2000+ messages) and Inbox (totalling some 1500+)...

End result; my phone now boots to the PIN request in a matter of moments, and goes almost instantly from PIN Accepted-ness to the main screen... oh, and I'm a much happier bunny... even if it does mean I now have to remember to purge things!

It does seem a little stupid that I can't find a "max messages in a box: N" setting though... I mean, its not as if a PC slows its boot process that drastically when the hard drive is half full.....!

Still, I suppose its only a Series 40 phone, so its the cheap'n'cheerful end of the market... its just seems a bit of a dumb thing to happen!

And does leave me somewhat wondering why having lots of messages should slow it down so much...!