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OK, just in case anybody who looks at my journal can't be bothered to read all my previous post, I figured I'd pull the last little bit of it out, cos its the bit I most want to say to parents, teachers, etc....

  • do not EVER stop a child from learning,

  • do not EVER dampen their enthusiasm or seek to restrain their curiosity,

  • do not EVER tell a child that they cannot have done it right when they have the right answer... they may not have done it your way, but it doesn't mean its wrong

  • make SURE you encourage a child who shows aptitude

  • make SURE you let that child know that if it ever feels it is being prevented from fulfilling its potential, it can talk to you and you will fight for it

  • (and make SURE that you do)

  • do NOT allow a child's potential to go to waste. You may regret it, they almost certainly will