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assignments and exams

ok, so I got my assignment grade back for Object Oriented Design & Programming; turns out I got 77% on the 2nd assignment... if my sums are right, that works out as 79.3% for the coursework side of the course, and left me in the situation where a pass (ie, any mark over 50%) would get me a Merit for the module (assuming I'm remembering correctly (and that the original source was correct; and UWE Masters gradings are 50-60% = pass, 60-70% = merit, 70+% = distinction)). That means that I would only actually need to get about 61% on the exam (60.7% actually) to get a Distinction overall.

The exam seemed to go ok... I didn't sit there, read it and want to walk out immediately because I didn't know any of it, I answered just about everything (there was a multiple-choice that I didn't answer because we get penalised for wrong answers in that section), but I was done within the time... well... pretty much... I'd done a diagram in pencil so it was easy to ammend, and because I'd got time, I went back and started lining it in in pen... except I mis-remembered what time the exam started (annoyingly, it didn't start on the o'clock (ie, 14:00), but at 14:07, say, which I then misremembered as 14:09) and I ended up rubbing out some of the text on the diagram without writing it in in pen because they called 2 minutes (or whatever) and I may have written in something I'd actually crossed out in the pencil version.

Anyway, hopefully that's not gonna have too much impact; I actually didn't feel too bad about it when I left (although the diagram-issue didn't occur to me until a bit later).

I still have an assignment grade outstanding (although I haven't actually looked this week... must try remember to do that tomorrow - can't be bothered now - and email the lecturer about it if its not online yet). I'm (again) not expecting to do well in this assignment... and this one is 100% of the module mark (which I do think is just disgusting for one of your first modules... talk about throwing people in at the deep end..!)