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Well, i've been a busy little bee since my last entry...

I managed to get to chat to my best friend last night on Yahoo... :-) which was cool. She's doing well which is always nice to hear.

I also got to chat with Sarah... things are still a little strained and strange in some ways... i'm still not 100% comfortable with recent events, but i think we're ok. i love her too much to loose her over this, i just have to deal... sort out how i feel and lay it to rest. i think i'm probaby gonna actually do something i don't do very often these days and do a proper formal ritual... kind of an ending ritual for this.

In case anyone's wondering, i've been living with a non-pagan, and therefore most definitely a non-witch, and after being free to practice ritual and magick freely, i just don't get the me-time that i need to be able to set up a rite, cast a circle, perform a rite and close the circle... i'd get interupted. I mean, i don't even get left alone when i'm trying to concentrate on code, and i've had a go at her *so* many times over *that*.... i don't want my rites being watched by someone else. So i decided early on that I would keep my practise internal, i soar on the beauty of a sunrise, i reflect on the wonder of nature as i drive through the countryside, i feel the hand of the Goddess on my arm, protecting and guiding me through the day, and i know her consort is around, playing in the world, keeping life interesting...

OK, back to the journal...

So yeah, I'm working out a small rite for this. Not gonna be big, it can't be, probably a candle rite or somesuch.

On other things, I managed to tell the two people I hold as the most important people on this planet something very personal and scary last night. I love them both, one as a friend, the other as my life, future and lover. I hope they both understand that alot of this is running around my head most of the time and that i am very confused by it all, but that it will never affect how i feel about either of them.

Sarah, I love you more now than even before. Your willingness to listen and attempt to comprehend something very big and scary just makes me love you more and more. You make me happy, you make my spirit soar and my heart feel full. You make me feel alive. You hold and cherish me in love and protection. You truly are my Gothic Angel. I will spend my life trying to be worthy of you.

Stephi, I adore you. Your friendship gives me strength and joy. I miss you.

To the more mundane now...

i've spent the past five hours coding... it's actually going vaguely well.. finally have a version number to increment...

Yes, that's right folks! Version 0.1 is ready at last.

And the next version increment is a relatively small piece of work, I just have to change the way a certain piece of processing works, and then version 0.11 will be ready :-)

Version 0.2 is the next challenge, and I'm hoping to 'steel' most of the code from the 0.1 development, cos it's basically the same... it's gonna take time more than effort, i think (and hope).

The next hard thing to write is version 0.3, cos i've gotta write a search tool for this database. Shouldn't be *too* complex, the hardest bit is the output mechanism, cos I'll be trying something new....

And then it's on to version 0.4, which is so far away that it's just written in as Table Update at the moment. 0.4 will become v1.0 when it's finished.

My arms hurt now... I think RSI is starting to kick in :-(

I'm gonna get off and rest them for a bit, then get on with v0.11.


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