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Ee, gads I'm tired...! But a good weekend at Bristol International Kite Festival helping run a tea tent for the charity... we sold lots of cream teas, cakes/gateaus, muffins, scones, sandwiches, sweets and crisps and served well over a thousand drinks over two days. We did pretty well and raised a nice amount of money :-)

We also managed to have lovely weather for all the time we were on site... we went on site last thursday, which was a gorgeous day, but rather breezy... the breeze steadily dropped so that by saturday, it was pretty much perfect conditions; enough for the kitefliers to do their thing, but not enough to be annoying or chilly... the breeze picked up a bit on sunday, with a bit of a chill in it... which wasn't so nice... standing in the tea tent for hours being slowly wind-chilled was a little less than pleasant... even monday when we were packing down was nice enough, if a little cloudy in the morning, it cleared up while we were driving back up North.

Unfortunately, my tent is now rather sorry for itself... it held out (well, apart from the odd glitch) 'til yesterday when it was packing down time though... but one of the outer zippers just won't zip up now, it just goes up and down the zipper run... couple that to the existing problems;
  • earlier this tear, one of the porch-pole sections decided to split along alot of its length, so it now has gaffer tape wrapped around it in various places to prevent the split spreading the rest of the way
  • and the broken pole-elastic that means I have to gaffer the two end pole sections to the rest of it whenever it goes up - the break is just within the last section, and the pole tip won't come off, so I can't fix it (this one is just an irritation, not a real problem; it broke putting it up at glasto'07, so its done 3 with the break... luckily, gaffer was on-hand when it broke; its a *real* pain trying to push the pole through the channel without any hold-together-ness!)
and I think its got to be new tent time... still, its not done badly... its a 4-man dome tent, so its comfortable for two with their bags, beer, food, etc for a week... and it was only 50quid (it was half price, RRP was 100quid)... and since 2002, its done 6 glastonburys, 4 kite festivals, and the odd week of other camping here and there... still, its a bit of a shame, cos it is a really nice tent and it was a proper bargain... plus its something else to spend money-I-don't-have on :-(