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Urk! Disaster averted!!

OK, so UWE have a nice "whats happening with my application" website do-da-ma-bob, and for the past week and a bit, I've been avidly watching this thing for any change to my application status. It updated when they sent the offer out in the post to "You have been made an unconditional offer," and its been stuck like that ever since... I posted my response on the evening I got the offer through (the 21st), although it missed the last post, so won't have gone til the 22nd... anyway, its more than a week since they should have received it... so I phoned them earlier to see whether it was just the web system being rubbish or if there was actually a problem... turns out they haven't received my acceptance... atleast, it didn't show up on the system the guy queried in any way shape or form... anyway, he marked me as having accepted the place anyway, so now my application status says "You have firmly accepted our offer" :-)

ok, so in global terms, it would have been a very minor disaster, but it would've been bloody awful if I'd not done anything and just assumed it got there...

It made me think too... what would I have done before they had the online status page? How would I have known that they hadn't received my acceptance? Its not as if I know when they are going to send out enrolment details, etc... I don't actually even know the official start of term for a Masters at UWE.... indeed, I only know that I'm now due some bumph because the guy I spoke to said I should get some... how long would I have waited before I 'twitched' and went for my phone (ok, I watched Back To The Future Part 3 the other day... I've got cowboy-isms floating 'round my head!)...

Isn't it strange how much we take for granted the level of feedback we receive through all these modern systems, when 10 (and certainly 15) years ago, it just wasn't possible?


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2nd Sep, 2009 20:29 (UTC)
As someone who deals with postgrad registration: you'd have turned up on the day and they'd have coped. We never get exactly the set of postgrads we were expecting, usually a few who hadn't obviously accepted turn up, and a few who had don't, and occasionally we get a person on the day we hadn't even heard of yet in the department. It all comes out in the wash :)
2nd Sep, 2009 21:30 (UTC)
Except for one or two problems... first, this is a distance learning course, supposedly all over the Internet, so I'm not expecting to be physically attending for registration... and second, I don't know when registration would be happening, so I couldn't attend!

See what I mean? ;)
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