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ok, this has been annoying me for ages...

I tend to leave my PC running, doing stuff like downloads and so-on... but generally, I try to remember to sign out of IM programs if I'm going to be away for a while...

So, whenever you sign out of Yahoo! Messenger, it nags you to make sure you want to... and doesn't give you a nice little ticky-clicky box to stop it nagging.

I don't tend to ever quit Y!M... it just sits there until the Explorer shell gets screwed up, at which point it has to be killed via Task Manager cos it doesn't manage to reinstate itself in the Task Tray... (this happens pretty frequently on this bodge of an installation)

Now, I just managed to accidentally quit Y!M via the tray-icon right-click menu... and I got a nag-prompt, just like with sign out... but I got a ticky-clicky to stop this annoyance in future!

So following a hunch, I un-ticked it, quit Y!M, restarted it and signed out... and, wouldn't you just credit it, no nagging!!

So obviously "sign out of my account but leave the application running" and "sign out as part of the process of cleanly exiting the application" are the same in Yahoo land....... except that if you're signing out, you're obviously not important/intelligent/whatever enough to cope with the twin concepts of being sure you want to sign out (remember, not quit...) and knowing whether you want to be nagged the next time you sign out...!

There doesn't appear to be any way to separate your nag preferences though... you can't, for example (and this is what i'd like), have no nagging to sign out, but be nagged about quitting. That can't be that hard to code... surely its one extra registry key/config value? Oh, and maybe a ticky-clicky on the sign-out prompt... (and maybe two ticky-clickys in the Preferences dialog somewhere...)

Um... can I have my nag back please?

Oh... having turned the nag-on-quit option off, I'm now not sure how you go about turning it back on again! I suspect its in the HKCU\Software\Yahoo\Pager\Flags0 binary value... again, could we just have a dword (or two, say PromptToQuit and maybe PromptToSignOut)?

(I just noticed... there's even space in the "Signing out of Yahoo! Messenger" bit of the General Preferences page to put two ticky-clickys...! perhaps these two options are the ones that seem to be missing???)

Edit: OK, I've worked out how to get the prompt back...

Note: this is on 32-bit Windows XP... on a 64-bit Windows, you may have to work out where Y!M has hidden your preferences for yahoo... you want the Current User ones though, not Local Machine (there's not any settings in HKLM really, just the version number)

So, first, quit Y!M if its running (not strictly necessary... it didn't seem to cause me any problems doing it with Y!M running, but its probably best to be safe'n'sure)

Start up the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and go to HKLM\Software\Yahoo\Pager\Profiles

There should be a key with the same name as your Yahoo! ID... go into it.

So, if you're Yahoo ID is YahooMuppet, you should be in HKLM\Software\Yahoo\Pager\Profiles\YahooMuppet

On mine, the Flags1 binary value is F7 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF. That first F7 is the "don't nag at quit" flag.

To turn nagging back on, modify the Flags1 binary value so that the 1st bit (the F7 in the above example) so that it is FF... it should look like this:

0000  FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ

in the "Value data:" pane (I haven't managed to get any of the other FFs to change by quickly playing with Preferences).

That's it, done! Both nags are reinstated.

(And I appear to have been correct... there doesn't look to be any separation)