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Well, according to MSN Entertainment, Dave are making a Red Dwarf episode (written and directed by Doug Naylor, so it does have Dwarf pedigree), which looks like it could be The End... apparently Lister and co. are gonna get back to Earth... well, the title is "Red Dwarf: Back To Earth," but then again, it could be a fake Earth or something I suppose...

Dave are also gonna do a 'Red Dwarf: Live And Unscripted' (well, they're calling it "Red Dwarf Unplugged," but that doesn't really explain it...) and a Making Of for the Earth episode.

Looks like Easter this year is gonna be Dwarved by something Red this year! ;-)


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28th Jan, 2009 13:17 (UTC)
OMG! Live and Unscripted Red Dwarf. That sounds like it would be a scream!

I love the cat. Especially when he was walking around the ship with the atomizer spraying everything, "This is mine and this is mine and this is mine." LMAOROF
( 1 Morsel — Spin A Cobweb )