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I got the dentist in an hour :-(

I so am not a happy bunny at this prospect...



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21st Jan, 2009 18:36 (UTC)
Your dentist works late! Hope it goes OK. x
21st Jan, 2009 18:50 (UTC)
lol, no... my entry didn't post... stupid LJ... and i didn't notice before i left... so i just hit the resend button when i got back... i'm impressed that you noticed the time! ;-) was just about to fix it *^^*
21st Jan, 2009 18:58 (UTC)
and it was horrid!!! i got told off for bein bad! and buzzzy-buzzzzy thing... -shudder- my mouth feels *really* peculiar now!!!
21st Jan, 2009 21:54 (UTC)
Oh dear, why did you get told off? Do you need to floss more? I don't mind the dentist but I think that is because I have always been very lucky with my teeth *touches wood*.
22nd Jan, 2009 00:04 (UTC)
i'm not the best at taking care of them... but i am pretty lucky too... i mean, my *teeth* are in pretty decent nick, but my gums aren't.

doesn't help that i *really* don't like the dentists.... i mean, normally, put me in a room with a girl in a nurses uniform and i'll pay attention... today, well... she was blonde... beyond that, i haven't a *clue*!!! ;-)
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