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Well, the past couple of days have sukked *big*... having spent in inordinate amount of time sorting out and reinstalling my laptop, something decided to wreck various things... my %PATH% got totally obliterated (which is, admittedly, more of a severe annoyance than something critical) and various services and programs stopped being able to load... including MySQL... and since I use these services and programs, this is a serious problem.... rolling back failed to recover the situation, so I'm now left with a nearly completed reinstallation that is actually even less use than the system that was on here before I started all this!

Yesterday was spent making yet more backups... all the software installers that I've downloaded while I've been doing this, for a start, plus my thunderbird profile and some other data from stuff i've actually done with the machine in-progress....

And I'm now copying various bits of the original machine backup from this harddisk to another machine... hopefully that should mean i won't have to mess around swapping internal drives around on the laptop (musical harddisks anyone??!!?? ;-) ); i still haven't figured out why the original 100GiB laptop drive won't do anything when its attached as the drive in my HandyDrive enclosure when the new (300GiB) one will...... the only thing I can vaguelly think of is that the HandyDrive's electronics checks the drive capacity is 300GiB-ish.... but that just seems stupid... I mean, if you were going to do some kind of drive checking, then surely you'd check the manufacturer, model no, etc??? I mean, the Handy is a Fujitsu... the 300Gib is a Toshiba, while the 100Gib is Hitachi (if memory serves...)

On the flip side, I've just managed to get rather dirty and having fun messing around with LaserJet cartridges...!

OK, so we bought a batch of 6 refilled carts on eBay ages ago... now, the first one we tried just dumped toner all over the inside of the printer, but the next three worked fine... So, we swapped to the penultimate one a few weeks back and started getting very "dirty" printouts (grey pages rather than white, and the odd 'crap' on the page too) so we went to the last one... this was less grey, and didn't do the whole 'crap' thing... so we've been printing dirty for that past week or two...

Today I finally got around (see, all these backups have some use; loads of spare time while they happen!!!) to doing something about it!

First job was to strip the printer down (not just for fun, either... although it is a great excuse!!) to check for any nasty piles of excess toner inside... also gave it a bit of a clean too... 'specially the fan, which was a wee bit, em, crusty-dusty!

Then for the main job; stripping the really crappy cart down and the pen-penultimate one too and amalgamating the two (toner container from the pen-pen one with the rest of the empty decent one, plus swappping the annoying springy-flappy-gizmos that protect the drum over cos the one on the now-full cart was a bit broken and the pen-pen one was pristine)...

Anyway, although I got rather dirty (toner's good at that!!), we now have lovely clean, crisp black-and-white printing again!

So, now the less-dirty cart is now sat on the shelf waiting for my re-engineered cart to run out (prolly only take 9 months or so!!) so I can swap out the toner container again... and after that, since we have a decent cart shell, I reckon its probably cheaper (and almost certainly more ecologically sound) to simply buy toner and refill the one shell.... just need to find somewhere that sells the stuff!!

So yeah, today would actually have been rather a good one if it weren't for the black cloud that is my laptop currently.... I do like poking around inside lumps of kit... and ignoring the odd H&S "no-no" too... ;-) And I also reckon I'm not a bad HP printer engineer either!!! -grin-