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Eek! OMG!

I just worked out how I'm getting on with this reinstall...

ok, numerically:
  • I've installed about 170 bits of software (that doesn't include Windows Updates, but does include the odd Service Pack)
  • I have between 190 and 205 bits of software remaining (plus anything that isn't listed in Add/Remove Programs and that I missed in my wander through the filesystem hunting stuff!)
  • That means that I am (worst case) about 45% through!

    note: there are some 15 or so things I'm not sure I want just yet... need to swap back to the old disk to see if they're worth installing...

    Now, of course looking at it numerically isn't the whole story... I mean, Windows takes a fair while to install, as does Office, Visual Studio, Driver Development Kits, etc, as do Service Packs... and CygWin takes bloody ages!! and there aren't many of those types of 'big' installs left (the Platform SDK, Java SDK... um, think thats it...) so the 200 or so remaining bits are going to be reasonably quick to install... although I do have all my legacy Netsape and Mozilla browsers to install (read "legacy browser test-bed")... which take a little bit of work to make them all co-exist without screwing up each-others settings... ok, its pretty much just getting Profile Manager to run then creating a new Profile, but it takes that little bit longer than a stock install... and I have to remember to do it too! (so there's backups to do of the current state-of-play before each install too.... just in case I do forget)...

    But still, its a bit disheartening... I've worked on this for about 7 whole days now!!!

    And it also doesn't include the time required to restore all my data from backups, which will be the last job I do...

    However, looking at it another way, excluding the Docs & Settings tree, my system is currently using about 35GiB of disk...!