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So, i got sidetracked onto my dad's machine... various outstanding 'little' jobs... and having done all of them (which took about 6hrs yesterday and another 2 or 3 today), he's decided to bring up the idea of upgrading to a new machine.... which is now ordered... i've done very little on my own machine in the past 24hrs though!

on the flip-side, i should now inherit the old machine... which'll make a nice "on site" laptop... i mean, its something like a 1.7GHz Athlon but it only has 256Mb of ram... but if I only have WinXP and the various bits of PLC software, plus the comms drivers for talking to the PLCs... it should be reasonable... and its a lot less valuable than *my* laptop, which has my life on it (or will have once its back up and running fully again)... so if i drop it in a sludge settlement tank or into the final effluent outflow, it would be an "oh no, that sux" rather than a "F****!!!!!!!! I JUST LOST EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!"... not that i plan on dropping it like that, but accidents do happen... ;-)