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yay.. sorry, i mean <bleeding with sarcasm>yay</sarc>

well, life gets better. hopefully i'll get hit by a bus or something and life will be complete.

so, sarah went out with her friend carlos, the one that she apparently doesn't want anything to happen with... and, well, lets see if we can guess here.. shall we? hmmm, lets think, oh yeah, stuff happened. so yay..!

i mean, i know she's gonna wanna do stuff, it's natural and shit. she's 15, so she's at the 'i wanna experiment lots' bit... and i don't exaclty mind *that*, but this guy is someone she's told me nothing is gonna happen with. and if stuff can happen, then more stuff can happen, and the next thing you know is that the guy she's stated categorically she isn't in love with ends up being the guy that she's *totally*, like head-over-heels in love with.

so yeah.


oh well.