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Its snowin!!!! *^^*

(taken at 5:30am with a mobile phone, so its *really* not great quality!)


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26th Mar, 2008 12:39 (UTC)
Wow you had real snow, we just got nasty sleety stuff that made you cold and wet :-(
26th Mar, 2008 12:56 (UTC)
yes we did! a few inches of it :-) and it was most fabulous for the few hours that it lasted... but like always, it went away too quickly....

it *was* fun at 6:30am when the roads hadn't been gritted or cleared.. and it was only sheer dumb luck that the motorway was in the process of being done as we got to it... in fact, if we hadn't gone round the roundabout to see what it was like, and just gotten straight on, we'd have ended up in front of the gritter lorry!
( 2 Mobwebs — Spin A Cobweb )