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I seem to have acquired another silly-geek project... doh!

Oh yeah, I'm back in Leeds too... as of last friday. Will be here a while this time... 'til after easter anyway, as I'm steamtraining on easter sunday.


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4th Mar, 2008 12:40 (UTC)
Hey dolly, we are in Leeds next weekend (15th) for Wendy house if you are around then.
4th Mar, 2008 15:30 (UTC)
I'm not sure I'm up to doing the WH... my head is drifting off into crappiness... and being around lots of bouncy people isn't gonna help! ;-)

4th Mar, 2008 17:25 (UTC)
Fair enough, if you change your mind give us a shout.
4th Mar, 2008 19:16 (UTC)
*but*... (and i'm so not with it, i should've thought've this earlier...)

if you're going shop-wandering or anything during the daytime and feel like it, we could meet up for that...

its just the whole crowd-of-bouncy-people-having-fun-while-i-don't-have-the-energy/impetus/whatever thing thats a bit beyond me! shops i can manage ;-)

(but don't expect me to have any local knowledge left... (beyond where the corn exchange is) its been quite a while since i lived here!)
5th Mar, 2008 11:56 (UTC)
Will let you know if we have plan to do such things :-) you might want to send my your mobile, I have it but I was very drunk when I put it in my phone so it may be wrong...
5th Mar, 2008 23:48 (UTC)
ok, thats cool :)

lol, will send you a txt sometime tomorrow... although its probably right cos we rang my phone when it was in Nats flat and somebody brought it outside to us......!
6th Mar, 2008 16:22 (UTC)
ah yes, I forgot we did that. I think it's all good then!
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