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Weeeell... I got my old code looking something like.. plus I've written some install instructions and a *very* restrictive "evaluate and asses only" license... and its all bundled up in a BZip file... sent a copy to the UK-offchange-job-people... hopefully they'll atleast look at it and think about giving me a chance...

I have to transcribe most of my CV into an online application form for the Cali job... seems like a duplication of effort and so-on to me... doesn't really fit with the concept of component reuse... ;-)

So anyway, I've not gotten that done yet... it looks like its probably a fair bit of work... and I'm too tired now... its taken something like 12 hours to review, debug and reformat my code, put together some reasonable instructions, plus the license, oh yeah, and revise the file headers so they reflect the license... and then to get things consistent in the BZip (I kept thinking of things I should've done and hadn't)... but its done and I can leave it alone now!

Except, I've kinda gotten my head back around some of it... so this may even end up being the impetus to me picking the project back up again... I mean, I've been going to look at it for a year or more... and it would be nice to have it (and some of the feature modules (like the templated content manager for a start)) running on the charity webspace...

Of course, like all my personal projects, its a case of whether or not I feel like playing with it... The Multics emulator has stalled lately (mostly because I've been moving house, visiting friends or working on the FPS control software)... but I'm feeling frustrated over it, cos it feels like I've abandoned it... and its still in that "baby" phase... I've not gotten to the point where its wound me up... I still think its a really cool project, a really cool design and its still fun to think about and work on... although I was getting a bit frustrated with getting my Thread code to do what I wanted... it was getting all tangled up in types/pointers/references/etc thing... which is probably the biggest irritation-factor in the whole plan to use C++...

So yeah, I need to try and focus more on my projects, once, that is, I'm not working on the FPS control software...

At the moment, the plan for the remainder of my time down here is:

  1. get the Cali job app done (urgently)

  2. retrofit the spray-system changes to the new software version (this is a blocking task for the rest of the software... can't test anything without it done)

  3. review (and repair) the non-grafcet code to see if there are any interactions in it that I've missed (part one of the debug process for the powerfail/resume code)

  4. review (and repair) the first few grafcet steps to check I'm not being dumb and resetting something in there that the powerfail/resume relies on (part two...)

  5. review the fault resumption code and work out what I originally itended it to do, rather than just guessing (which is what I did when I was on site and it wasn't doing anything)... cos I guessed wrong and it behaves in a kinda dumb way

  6. fix the fault resumption stuff... even if this means that I have to make some more major modifications to the program (which I suspect it might...)

  7. spend a day/afternoon with one of the charity Trustees going over what we want to have on the website... hopefully we can nail down the details and i can start working on implementing the changes on the development site... and maybe we can get it live sometime soon...

And I want to (well, "want" might be a little overstating the case... 'should', perhaps) head back up to Leeds next thursday or friday... at the moment, I'm planning to try drop in on my cousin on the way up... since she lives "next to" the motorway (well, relatively speaking anyway)

Anyway, I'm sitting yawning like I don't know what, so I'm gonna sign off and go to bed....