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I spent something like 4 hours standing around in the cold trying to sort out what the smeg was wrong with the FPS today.... I could barely feel my feet when I was through..! Anyway, turns out it wasn't a software glitch exactly... although the reason the machine didn't fault-out kinda was... the problem was a solenoid valve that had stuck open... which used to be tested for and a fault thrown... but cos it was ridiculously badly misdetected (I've spent a while playing with it today, and the shutoff of flow after the valve power is released is incredibly variable... but then, its snapping/springing against the flow of water being driven through it... but yeah, the time taken can be quite surprisingly long), and it would fault constantly, I dropped (well, commented-out anyway) the fault lines of code... which made everything work at the time... but now that an SV has actually stuck (and I've looked more closely at the program) it looks like there are grafcet control step transitions that are controlled by the system detecting "no flow" through the sensor after a valve closes... so I either have to go back and pull out all of the no-flow dependencies or I can do what I've done, and put the fault code back in... and increased the timeout period by 5 seconds to try to eliminate the misdetection. And now (hopefully) I can start testing the new(-as-in-shiny-new) software version with various improvements to the whole fault handling side of things... which should mean that intermittent fault detections should get (essentially) ignored (they actually cause the system to stop, reset and restart.. and to try that 3 times before giving up and throwing a fail state).

On something entirely different, if you like The Pipettes, check out http://www.myspace.com/gwenno for some solo stuff by one of them (Gwenno, yeh, surprising from link text...)... its not exactly Pipette-y (its more electro-pop reminds me of a couple of bands from mid/late 90s... but my brain is failing when it comes to names... ok, maybe its 90s-Saint-Etienne-ish(-?)) but its cool... and anyway, she's fluent in Welsh and Cornish... how much does that rok??? ;-)

I might write something about what I've done recently, I've I can be bothered... or I might not...

oh yeah, I didn't get the job in Somerton.... no fair -pout- -stomp- -sulk- Apparently they're recruiting in Sweden.... I know I'm getting sick of none-reasons for not giving me a job, but that one I was atleast kinda impressed by.......... if hugely pissed off! (and highly upset... i thought i'd finally found my job....)

so yeah, life sux; fuck'em all!!


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15th Feb, 2008 12:38 (UTC)
They gave your job to someone in Sweden? WTF?

I'm sure you'll find something soon *crosses fingers for you*
15th Feb, 2008 15:20 (UTC)
that seems to be the long and short of it.... although the agency girl said that if they change their minds, i stand a good chance...

i really don't think i'm supposed to get a job... its getting ridickerous now :-(
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