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packing sux...!

i hate packing... and this is the third move in about 2 months... even if the middle one of the 3 had only a tiny amount of packing involved, its still very annoying... problem is that i hate living out of boxes too... so i unpacked enough stuff for this place to feel reasonably homely... but now its gotta go back into boxes...

i'm pretty much down to just having to pack my kitchen up now... there's a bit of bathroom stuff to do too and I need to break my bed down, but the CDs, computer books, etc are all done... and then its all gotta get put in a van and driven to Leeds tomorrow... then it all needs unpacking (either at my parents or at a storage facility... and some of my other stuff may need adding to the storage if i'm going down that route... it depends how much space my parents have found...). Then the van needs to come back down here on sunday, get the borrowed furniture put in it and the house needs cleaning... and i have to be out by noon on monday...

so i guess moving sux too!!!