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Well *finally*!

Well, thats that then... i'm moved out and the keys are gone... its been a real slog, but its over!

I've actually been out since sunday; yesterday and today have been spent going through the place giving it a seriously good clean... every inch of woodwork has been scrubbed, every square centimetre of tile and lino has been mopped and every fibre of carpet (well, probably) has been hovered, not to mention ceilings, light fittings, windows, mirrors, kitchen cupboards and so-on... basically two days spent on hands and knees for 12 hours... not my idea of fun... but there should be no way that the letting agents can say the place is not clean... and when you consider the state it was in when we took it on (it had been empty and untouched for atleast a year by then and was horrific), the place is absolutely pristine!!!

Anyway, I'm now in short-term temporary accommodation until around the 1st of december... and then its moving time again... but that shouldn't be as horrid... i'm planning to not unpack much these two weeks... so its mostly pulling stuff back out of temporary storage and making three trips with my poor little car packed to her roof with stuff!!!

anyway, i'm very tired and my back isn't happy, so i'm gonna go to bed now....

night all