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well, thats now sorted... i have a room for the intervening period... and a storage solution too...

homelessness and really-stupid-moving-ness both avoided, yay! *^^*

spent yesterday packing contents of stuff from downstairs that i'm taking back to the parents.

today was spent packing bedroom stuff for the same then attacking the computer systems... took 3 or 4 hours to dismantle everything, including taking one of the benches to pieces, and another couple of hours to sort out all the bits for the machines i'm keeping down here and putting them all back together again off the benches.

And yes, I generally set the bits aside that I'd need, but I messed up a few things... power and network cables for a start... and i added an extra machine into the mix too cos I wanna keep messing around trying to get it working... its a Sun JavaStation that I've had for years and never really sorted out... as its an NC (Network Computer), it needs remote boot services and uses a remote filesystem (using NFS), which I haven't currently got set up on my Linux box... and which playing for a couple of hours the other day failed to get set up and working).

Next thing is to clear the cr** of my bed so I can get in the damn thing...!

Tomorrow I'm off to Leeds (with as much of the computer stuff for storage as I can fit in my little car) so we can pick up a van on friday, back down here saturday, back to Leeds sunday with a load of furniture and *stuff* to offload, the van goes back monday AM, and I'll be back down here monday PM!