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Yet Another entry by Sarah.

Heh, I thought I would write In here again.

I miss Jonathan so very much. We didnt get a chance to talk today. So, Im In pain. Literal, Pain. It hurts me so much When he goes. But well, Its not his fault. I could probably control this, but I guess I choose not to. Oh well.

Anyways, Ive come to realize that I really do Love Jonathan. I mean, I was always scared to admit that to myself, Because Of Carlos's Torment, and My own Self torment. I would always tell myself, That I couldnt possibly be In love with someone so far away, whom Ive never met. But Well, Thats not true, and Now I know this. Ive talked to Jonathan On the phone, Gotten letters, Seen pictures, Everything Except meet. And yet, I know, Honestly In my heart, That I love him.

He makes me happy When we talk. He Is someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. He makes me complete. I get the feeling of Being Whole. Ive never had that with anyone, Except my best friends. And they dont count. But, Jonathan, He Is special. He Loves me, And sticks by me no matter what. And for that, and A ton of other shite, I love him.

I will allow no one to take him away. I wont let anyone break us apart. I love him too much to see him sink Into a mass of Depression. I will do my best to keep him Alive, and Healthy. I could never live without him, And I dont want to attempt It.

I cant say much more. You cant express The emotion of Love. And therefore, I wont try. I Just want him to know I love him, And I will always be here for him, As a Friend, As a Lover, As his Angel, As Me.

I love you Jonathan. Always and Forever. I will Always be here for you. I will Always be In love with you. Your my Closest and Greatest Friend, And The most Wonderful person Ive ever met. Your A Gorgeous, Sexy, Brilliant, Fantastic Person. And I am the Luckiest Girl In the world.

-Hugs tightly, and kisses your cheek-

Your Gothic Angel, Sarah.