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ok, so i found out last week that my mum opened an ISA for me a few years back... now, i did know that she'd opened an ISA in my name, but I wasn't entirely sure exactly what the deal was with it... but I thought it was essentially her money... turns out that i had it wrong. The only real proviso on the money is that I don't fritter it away on silly stuff.

anyway, there's a reasonable amount in the ISA, and mummy's agreed that I can use it against deposits, etc on a place once i'm working.

then, at the weekend, it turns out that a friend of a friend has a house that's going to be empty for a couple of months... She's selling the place, and her tenant is moving out at the end of the month. Anyway, there's something about her mortgage that means she gets penalised if she sells within three years, and her buyer is willing to delay completion until the end of january so that this doesn't happen... long story short, she's be happy to have someone stay in the house for a couple of months with rent that covers her mortgage payments.

So, I now have accommodation in the short-term... except for one tiny problem... there's 10 or 11 days that i've not got a roof for... and the landlord here won't let me stay on for those few days.

Anyway, i need to talk to a few people and see whether there's crash-space round here somewhere for a bit... room for me and some stuff... and I suppose there's no reason that I can't go back up to my parents for a week and a bit, if i have to... it would just be a pain to lug computers and stuff all the way up there to bring it back down again... but i'm sure i can come up with ateast some storage down here for the stuff that isn't damp-sensitive... so it would only be computers and clothes that would need to do the yoyo trip...

So yeah, a couple of months more to find a job... although the holiday period is gonna eat a few weeks of that.... i seem to remember things dry up a bit over christmas... probably to be expected i guess, but a little frustrating......

and it means i don't have to go back to the parentales just yet... i even get to go through the gic thing in january before the end of my short-term housing... so yay! *^^*