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well, today's interview went ok... atleast I didn't get too stumped on anything, although I did forget that mysql only ever uses when index per query and that you use an index that spans multiple columns when you need to do, say where surname='smith' and job='baker' on a big (million row territory here) table so that the query isn't super-slow... apart from that, and not having ever had to deal with migration of legacy PHP code from 3 or 4 to 5 or having come across issues with globals (although having thought about it a bit more, I think I now know what they were talking about... of course, far too late....), it went ok.

And i didn't get so nervous as last time either... although i think they were running a bit late, and i was sitting around for a while... that didn't help things... but still, its an improvement :-)

but thats not what i'm really writing this entry about....

I got an interview for the Long Ashton job..! And I *SO* want it.... I *really* want it...!

And it sounds like I my even be the strongest candidate... I just need to convince them that I'm not gonna jump ship after 6 months for greener pastures... which I'm not... well, I'll qualify that slightly... if I am in a job that i enjoy in an environment i like, then i'd be quite happy to stay doing that... i don't want to move up the ladder into "better" things... give me a job thats a mix of sysadmin stuff, programming, design, etc; a nice diverse set of things to do, which is essentially how this job has been described to me, and a salary i can be comfortable on... i'm not after silly-money... and i'd be quite happy to keep doing it long-term... i want a job thats like a pair of nicely work in slippers... comfy, cozy and nice, not one thats like a brand new pair of sprinter's spikes...

so yeah, i'm all excited!!

oops... nearly forgot... the interview is thursday pm, although the agency-girl hasn't phoned me back and definitely confirmed that yet.


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24th Oct, 2007 08:26 (UTC)
Excellent on getting the interview! Really good luck for Thursday!
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