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eek! interview!

well, the job search is going... i guess its going ok; atleast i'm getting some interviews and a reasonable number of agencies contacting me regarding positions... not all of them are suitable (wrong part of the country, or things I don't think I can blag my way through) but I've been put forward for a few posts.

the problem with my job criteria i guess is location... i mean, pretty much anywhere i might be able to get a job is going to be half and hour away by car... yeovil is probably about that far. Shaftesbury is closer, but its not a very big place, so i can't imagine its exactly brimming with programming jobs.

if you look at places that are likely to have companies large enough to do their geekery in-house, then you're looking at yeovil, salisbury, poole, bournemouth, bristol and bath. And if you look at bristol, then you have to look at where in bristol the job is based; the north side, up near the M4 and M5 has Aztec West, where most of the places i've been approached for are based, or their in central bristol.

Neither of these is an entirely pleasant prospect for getting to/from... I mean, if you use Multimap's direction tool, they reckon its 1h45-ish to Aztec West... I don't agree with the route they use (they go through the middle and use the M32, i'd go round the ringroad, out Keynsham way) but the time is still gonna be similiar...

(ok, multimap's times are a bit dodgy... they think south bristol is 1h30, in non-rush-hour traffic... whereas I normally estimate an 1h-1h10 to the middle, but with rush hour, they're probably about right).

Central bristol at the moment is a mess, half the car-parks have been demolished while they remodel part of the city centre... there's a few roads that have moved too.. its weird.... so parking is likely to be hell!

I don't want to be driving for 3 hours a day... I'd have to leave home at 7:30am to be in the office and i wouldn't get back home till 7pm... thats not good...

So i've basically limited my range to 1h15 estimated travelling time... its still 2h30 a day travelling, and its a pretty big area, but there's not a lot in that area...

I don't want to move... thats the real problem... I have a GP who I like... she's lovely and she's supportive... and if this GIC-assessment process goes well, then I'm going to need those qualities from my GP... and there are enough GPs out there who even now don't believe in gender dystrophy and who won't support transition... mine will, which she's already proven; she's pushed the primary care trust (PCT) to ensure that I have the funding that's required and she's sorted out the GIC when they were saying I was seeing somewhere in London...

The only thing about going back to Leeds that I'm NOT too worried about is the GP side of things, because I know that the GP I had up there was also supportive (unless she's moved on, but I don't think she has)... anywhere else is a gamble, and I would have to either move into the coverage of Leeds PCT or move somewhere that falls under my current PCT... any other PCT would have to go through the funding approval again, and that took months last time around... to the point where I would probably not have it in place before January.

So, this week I have an interview tomorrow for a PHP/MySQL developer post in a place called Chilmark, and I'm waiting to hear whether I'll get an interview for a role doing PHP/MySQL development with a bit of Linux/Apache thrown in up in Bristol.

The bristol one is on the west side, and its not really in bristol... its more Long Ashton... and I think its far enough out that I shouldn't get caught up in too much of the rush-hour traffic. I also think the route I would use should get me there inside my 1h15 limit, cos it uses a few "little" roads that together cut a big chunk off the main road route.

anyway, I really like the sounds of the bristol one... the company have an eco-ethos, eco-offices, the business is selling eco-product, and the agency-girl said that the working environment is very laid back, dress-down, etc. It may even be possible that the eco-angle is a way to pursue working remotely for a few days a week, maybe going in monday and friday or something, and working from home via a VPN or something the other days; it would certainly significantly reduce my car's carbon emissions, which seems to be one of their big things.

so yeah, I REALLY want to work for them... and they're the first company I've applied to where I've felt like that.

Anyway, the agency-girl said she should be taking CVs for the selected applicants over to them tomorrow and would ring me in the afternoon... so tomorrow is going to be a very nervy day!