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I have a job interview this friday... yay... i hate interviews..! this is for a developer role using asp.net, soap and some other stuff... well, more like a bug-hunt-and-squish role by the sounds of it... anyway, could be interesting... or not...

and in other news, the landlord here has decided to sell the house... so i have to move fairly soon... hence the jobhunting... i need to be able to meet rent, and the current arrangement cannot continue... its been going on too long already really...

so its back into the yucky world of offices and so-forth... i'm kinda hoping that, if i get this one i'm being interviewed for, they'll be open to the whole remote-working thing... i mean, its in poole... which is probably an hour away... and i'm so much more productive at home... even if the office is supposed to be all informal and dressed-down and stuff.... its just not my thing... this jobhunt is purely out of necessity... if the screens and things take off and are earning enough, i'm so gonna finish... (apart from anything, i really don't want to be transitioning in an office environment if i can at all avoid it... that is, assuming the nhs aren't mean'n'evil to me.......)

the fine particulate screen is being a pain... there still might be a niggly bug or two in there... but we've been having hardware problems (welds that just weren't good enough going pop, stuff like that), so i've not had the proper system to work on, even having to bodge the software a little to make the broken hardware work in case anyone came to see it...

and now (as well as trying to sort that out) i'm trying to get as many outstanding computery jobs done for other people as i can in as short a space of time as possible, in case somebody turns around and says "you're starting monday"...! so i have an XP machine to reinstall and a Vista machine to get a useful set of supplementary software, updates, etc onto...

and i'd like to play with asp.net a little before the interview...


( 1 Morsel — Spin A Cobweb )
19th Sep, 2007 17:16 (UTC)
I have a few this week [one in thirty minutes]. I hate them. I wish the people could just tell you you're wonderful and give you the job.

I've moved. I'm in California now. Living with three boys. I think I told you about all this. I can never remember.

I miss you a ton. I hope you're okay. *points above* From the looks of it, you're in the same spot you usually are. Not terrible but not fantastic either.

Start writing me emails. I can never get on here and if I do, I can only usually write emails.

I love you very much.

( 1 Morsel — Spin A Cobweb )