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Well, I managed to get taken into A&E at about midnight sunday night with serious shortness of breathe to the point where I was literally having to drag the air into my lungs and a hacking cough that curled me up in a ball with an insane lack of air...

Not fun.

Blood ox was down to about 90%, blood pressure sky high, pulse about 120bpm and my peak flow (amount you can breathe out in one 'lump') was about 100L/min (apparently for my height, it should be over 600).

After a few nebulisers, something else that pushed my pulse up even more to about 140-150bpm, being on pure oxygen for an hour or two, a chest xray to check for pneumonia, etc, and about 3 hours in A&E, I was admitted as an in patient.

Diagnosis was acute bronchitis and a major lung infection all coupled with the effects of hayfever which acted to have me in fairly severe bronchospasm.

Since then I was on steroids, antibiotics, more nebulisers, later swapped to an inhaler (both containing bronchodilators).

I was let out yesterday afternoon after my peak flow got upto about 350L/min, my blood pressure got to something like normal-ish and my pulse finally got down below 90bpm.

Have to do the antibiotics and steroids 'til they run out, which is about a week, the inhaler is slightly longer term... possibly a month or so, although if the coughing is gone, I'm allowed to stop after a few days...

In a month's time I have to have some lung functions tests to make sure there's no permanent damage or an initial underlying problem that helped bring on the episode... they say there shouldn't be any trouble though.

Needless to say, I feel a lot better than I did on sunday... now I've only really got the hacky-coughing to put up with.

Atleast I don't have to miss Glastonbury.


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15th Jun, 2007 08:21 (UTC)
*hugs* Oh dear, that does not sound like much fun! I hope you feel properly better soon. And do take it easy, it's amazing how quickly you find yourself out of breath when recovering from serious chest infections, even if you feel much better!
17th Jun, 2007 18:26 (UTC)
-hugs tight- aw thanx hun

yeah, its kinda scary how quickly i'm getting winded still... mindst, it's only a few days since i got out of hospital and my peak flow thing isn't really getting any better.... starts at about 250ish when i get up and i haven't managed to get up to 500 yet... guess its gonna take a bit of time to throw it off fully... still got about a week of antibiotics still to take....
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