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Was up very late last night chatting with sarah, which meant my good plan for today to get up and start working on this code at like, 7:30/8am failed to happen..

still, i've had a good day... my concentration has been good, and i've gotten quite a lot done... it's still not quite a completed version 0.1 yet, but i just have to write some database submission routines now...

i've changed the program design a little too... it's almost object-roiented in many ways now, except i can't do object orientation in this version of basic, even though it's supposed to be OO... it only partially implements it, there's no object creation mechanism, it just presents forms and database connections as objects... this is annoying, especially as my brain now seems to have gotten the hang of OO to a certain degree... so i'm using the closest procedural design mechanism i can... User Data Types, AKA Abstract Data Types, AKA UDTs AKA ADTs... basically a class without any methods, just atrributes. and i'm having globally available procedures that act like public methods... it's limited, but it works, atleast for this.

My database submission routines basically just copy the contents of four UDTs into the equivalent 4 tables in the database... easy... no hassle there.... much easier than messing around passing huge numbers of variables to the routines, i just access the global UDTs instead :-)

So it's going well :-)

Not something you read in here very often, but it is :-)

Course, it's also extremely exhausting and mentally draining. I can barely type now and my brain has given up, I can't keep track of all the variables and types and routines and forms anymore, so I'm going to call it a night and go to bed.

I have to get up again tomorrow, and I need to have a *lot* done by about 2pm cos I'm going to see Unified Links lady then...

I think I'm going to try and upload all the working routines tomorrow morning so that she has stuff to show the RNIB person in her meeting at 12 or whenever it is. That might be a good idea...

Anyway, as I said, I'm gonna get some shut-eye... a little downtime to recharge my braincells.

Sarah, I hope you were serious about me taking care of myself, cos i *really* need this rest.

I love you angel. and your journal entry earlier was *so* sweet.

<adds it to the mental list of things to do something nice because of>

I think i probably owe you a month or two of cuddles and kisses IRL by now....

I love you my Angel, I truly do.