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I should be trying to write code ;-)

Hmm... I should really be trying to write code, but still... Wheee!!! Quizzie!!! ;-)

Not quite 100% accurate maybe... my colour choice depends on my mood to the point where a good day is probably gonna be baby pink top and blue jeans... and a bad one will be black, black and a bit more black... and I don't always manage to pretend I'm happy... but generally I suppose I tend to come across perkier than I feel...

What type of Personality do you have?
(Girls Only)(Beautiful pictures)

You are in between...You are happy yet depressed at the same time. You're really confused about what is going to be in your future, but then again you aren't. You don't have a lot of friends and enjoy being alone, but also being around the people closest to you. The reason for your sadness is because of something in your past, but you try to make the best of it by pretending to be happy all of the time.

Element: Water
Song: Going Under by: Evanescence
Colors: Anything Earthy or Dark

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I've managed to waste about half an hour on this now cos the silly quizilla-produced html needed quite a lot of work to stop it breaking in LJ... :-)