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4th Mar, 2007

This started out as a response to this post in ambyguity's journal, but it got a bit too big...

Oh my.... that's kind of an odd thing to get upset over... now, if it were, oh lets think, hmmm.... a chocolate and confectionery company encouraging you to eat lots of chocolate bars in order to get sports equipment for schools, then I'd be upset.... (BTW, check out Cadbury's Get Active (aka Sports For Schools) and one article showing how *evil* it is... you can Google "Cadbury Sports Schools" for more!)

I mean, as "junk" foods go, pizza isn't that bad (obviously not in excess.... no foodstuff is really good in excess, no matter how good it is in reasonable quantities). Come on, its got tomatoes in it, so you got a portion of fruit (and toms have all sorts of good stuff in them; antioxidants and all that), its got cheese, so you get calcium, and if you get a reasonable topping, you'll get, say, mushrooms, peppers and some meat, plus the starch from the base.... Doesn't that sound an awful lot like a balanced meal?!?!?

I read something the other day that stated that basically US literacy levels are *terrible*... And *anything* that gets someone reading because they want to *has* to be good... even if there's a bribery aspect to them wanting to! ;-)

Plus, reading encourages thinking, and thinking encourages you to realise stuffing 5 pizzas, 10 burgers and 20lbs of fries every day is a Bad Thing! ;-)

My parents often used this kind of bribery to get me to do stuff if I didn't want to... We saw it as a reward for doing or achieving something.... and pizza for reading sounds like a good deal to me! Two things I love !

And its a hell of a lot better than a bag of sweets/candy or a big chocolate bar as a way to shut a kid up for ten minutes...!

OK, so its a Big Corporation promotion, but still... your little local pizza place isn't likely to be able to fund this kind of thing... being a Big Corporation doesn't (quite) mean you have to be truly evil ;-)

The *ONLY* way that the whole junk food issue is going to be sorted out is by educating people...

This is the bit where Prince Charles and his 'ban McDonalds' statement falls down... banning these outlets isn't going to solve the underlying problem... you can still walk into a supermarket and buy a HUGE big of crisps/chips or a microwave cheeseburger that is more additive than nutrient (OK, that's probably a libelist exageration, but you know what I mean).

And that really is your right...

But you need to know how excessive, lets say, 'indulgence' will affect you; how diabetes, heart disease, etc can be brought on, why you need vitamins, minerals, etc and how toxins may be retained for years... iow, if you have a fundamental understanding of nutrition... then you are in a position to intelligently decide to indulge... If you're just stuffing your face with crap because you don't know better, well, that's not *really* your fault... you should've been taught it... and the whole notion of food has changed drastically over the past 50 years or so... to the point where your parent's knowledge of the foodscape just doesn't take account of the crap that is available pretending to be food.... what I call Plastic Food...

I mean, I like crisps, etc (and I *love* chocolate... especially Cadbury's to be fair ;-) ) and to be honest, fish'n'chips, burgers, buckets of fried chicken, etc are nummy too...

These days I generally see these foodstuffs (except for chocolate, which is about my only really indulgent general eaty thing...) as being a treat when something goes well or I achieve something (yep, the whole parental "rewards" thing stuck..!)... but it took a bad 6 months at Uni where I really was just eating junk during the day and takeaway every night... I didn't have the impetus to cook... it was just so much easier to buy something that was hot and filled me up...


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5th Mar, 2007 10:41 (UTC)
the whole fast food/obesity thing really pisses me off (could you guess? ;-) ).... and you got me when I was in a bad mood anyway... my comment ended up as general ventery! ;-)
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6th Mar, 2007 13:52 (UTC)
I know... and knowing is part of the problem ;-)

I guess its yet another instance of the "persons are cool but People suck" thing....

And another thing that doesn't help is that there are just so *many* people to apportion the blame to too....
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