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This is so *cute*.... a totally *tiny* computer... and it runs RiscOS too! *^^*

And squeezed in there are a 400MHz ARM9 processor, RiscOS on Flash ROM, 128M RAM, 8M video RAM and a 40GB hard disc... plus PS/2 for keyboard and mouse, 4 USB ports, an RS232 serial port, 100Mbit network and sound!

And the thing only uses 2 or 3 watts of power.... thats just *sick*... it has a massive -giggle-
20W PSU and the whole box weights just over half a kilo... so about 17oz!

I *so* want one!!!!

So... if anyone feels like buying me a new toy -hint- -hint- ;-) go here: http://www.cjemicros.co.uk/micros/products/a9home.shtml

Of course, to be a really useful machine, it needs a few extra bits adding.... a DVD drive would be good, and a 26-bit emulator would probably be handy to have... then it'll run any old RicsOS apps without problems.... I could probably cope without the monitor, keyboard and mouse... i've got enough of those spare and knocking around... ;-)

And just cos its cute, more pics: http://acorn.chriswhy.co.uk/Pics/A6_A9Home.html