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Crap what happened

Its actually not been that bad a time recently, except for one major fly in the ointment... I got called up for Jury Service.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not against jury trials... I think they're a good idea... I just don't think I'd be a very good juror... For various reasons:

  1. I can barely make decisions about my own life... nevermind someone elses

  2. Watching stuff on CSI, Law & Order, etc is fine... that's fiction... no-one got burgled, hurt, killed, tortured, etc... I feel ill at some of the stuff that comes up in these fictional shows without having to sit in a court room and listen to testimony from people who have been through it in real life and then decide whether the person sitting as accused actually did it...

  3. I'm not mentally and emotionally strong to fight a point with another juror... honestly, I can't stand the confrontation and I'll capitulate if its getting too horrid...

  4. It would be my luck to get the most horrific serial rapist and murderer since the Yorkshire Ripper... and I'd have to sit through months of horrific evidence and then, without bias, make a decision on whether someone spends the rest of their days rotting in a prison cell...

I can't do that... I'm not up to it... and I'm not rational enough to make a good and sound decision... so any conviction with me in the jury would be unsound and a miscarriage of justice.

Luckily, me having messed up and not thought to put depression down as a mental illness on the form that doesn't have it as an option... having phoned the court's people and written to them, and chased around on the phone today to find out whats going on, I don't have to do it... the guy at the Crown Court in Dorchester has excused me from service.

I'm so relieved its unreal.