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Work and unfitness

Well, I've been doing basically what my new job is going to be for the past three days. The guy I'm going to be working with is on holiday at the mo, so I'm working with the guy I'll be replacing (he's off travelling for an unknown period of time, probably a long time though...). You need two people to go into most of the sites that we work on, including the one were on at the moment. Anyway, I'm doing this for about a fortnight while Chris is away, then I get a fortnight off, and I start in earnest on the 12th of June.

The first day didn't really count as "doing" the job, as we were measuring and planning a run of pipework then going to various tradey-type shops buying the other bits that we'd need to finish the job. So that was nice and easy, the most strenuous bit being lifting stuff onto the roof of the Escort van and tying it down with cable ties; *so* much easier than rope! ;-)

Yesterday was day two... day one of 'proper' work... Now, I'm the first to admit that I've been inordinately lazy over the past, um, well, since mid september really, however long ago that is... and as a consequence, I'm also willing to admit that I've put on a few stone and am a LOT less fit than I was (or should be). But you know its gotten bad when you are massively out of breathe and wheezy after going up two flights of stairs carrying stuff and coming back down for more about five times over... its not like we're talking huge weights... certainly the heaviest was a LOT less than an Sun/Sony 21" monitor, and the lightest were a couple of carrier bags containing packs of nuts and bolts.

And today is day three... and I'm majorly achy...

But all in all, its going pretty well. Its not overly taxing mentally, which is nice, but there's enough to think about and concentrate on that there's not real time to think about anything destructive...

I'm still not sleeping brilliantly though, so it was bad getting up this morning. Maybe tonight will be better; gonna have a nice soak in the tub before bed at about 10ish.

Anyway, I'm gonna get off; I've got some stuff to get done... like catch up on the day's emails, and then I'm gonng eat.