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Another Entry By Sarah


Its Sarah Again, Jonathan's Angel. And I now know Im his Angel. He has put up with so much of my shit, And after all this, He has forgiven me. He has taken me back, And Continues to love me, Despite It all.

I love him so much. And He wrote Some entries, Which I deleted, Ending this Journal. But I didnt want that to happen, because I feel this Is a piece of us Now. I dont know, Maybe Im being Over Dramatic. -shrugs-

All I know, Is that Im sorry. And I dont know what I would do without Jonathan. I love him so much It hurts. He Is the one I adore And wish to spend the rest of my life with. I dont know what I would do without his love, and support. -sigh- I am so sorry for the way I treated him.

Jonathan, If you read this, Know I love you, With all my heart. I give you my Heart and Soul. Baby, I dont want anyone but you. And I am so sorry for the way Ive treated you. I hope you can absolutely forgive me, and Know I never meant to hurt you. I just wanted you better, and Happy, And healthy. I love you so much, Baby.

-hugs tightly-


Your Gothic Angel, Sarah.