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64-bit and all that jazz!

A new toy just came over the horizon..!

One of my main boxes (my backup Windows 2000 ADS Domain Controller and FirstClas Server) started making *horrid* noises the other day... so after extricating it from the system shelving and getting inside it (I hate fiddly PC cases!) it turns out to be the CPU fan that's dying.

Not that that's a big problem in itself; apart from anything, I had a spare Socket 7 fan in one of my boxes-of-bits... even if it was a bit of a pain to get in the box... the heatsink was about half an inch too tall... luckily the case doesn't have a traditional-style 'stick four screws through the case-back' fixture for the PSU - with this one, you kinda hook up a couple of tags through holes on the back and then another tag slides along a curved track until it clicks into the final location. Anyway, cos of this slidy-inny-thingy, its possible to not fully fit the PSU, but to just leave it kinda floating on the rail... the side of the case keeps it in place.

The real problem is that this is an *OLD* system... it's got an ATX PSU, but it's gotta be a fairly early one... the chip is a 233MHz Pentium... and it occurred to me that if the fan had failed, the chip would've melted itself and that would've been the end of the box... OK, eBay has a fair few K6 chips and even a few that have botherboards too, so it's not irrecoverable at the moment.

So, while eBay could get me back up and running if it failed this week, it could be totally different next week...

Its also not the only Socket 7 system I've got... my Linux box is a 500MHz K6-2... and its feeling seriously under-powered; it practically grinds to a halt when I run Oracle 10... oh, and that one is so old its got an AT PSU..!

I don't really want a 2nd hand chip if I can avoid it... I really don't want to spend money (even if it's only £5 that they are on eBay!) on a chip that I don't know the history of... like if its been over-stressed or something.

The upshot is that its time to upgrade atleast one of the boxes... and the obvious one to do is the Linux system as it would most benefit from having a few more CPU cycles... plus I can then upgrade the W2K system to use the ex-Linux chip, so its really a multi-box upgrade.

So while I'm at it, I figured it would be a good idea to go 64-bit... and I try not to buy Intel if I can avoid it, so its either an Athlon64 or an Opteron... I also got to thinking that dual-core would be pretty useful too, since this is essentially a server, and its running a fair few things, including bind, sendmail, ClamAV, MySQL, Apache, Squid, Dovecot, Samba, Winbind, the X Window system, oh and Oracle 10 too, to name just a few... and since its a server, it just seems right to go Opteron.

So now I'm picking up bits... so far I've got a PCI SCSI card and a socket 939 motherboard... now I need to pick up a chip, a couple of gig of ram, a shiny new 650W PSU and a graphics card...

The only problem with this little scheme is that I started it, then ran into some bills and stuff I hadn't counted on... and now I'm *way* short of being able to finish it...

So my mum is lending me the cash, and I'm gonna be in debt to her for a few months...


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26th Apr, 2006 09:39 (UTC)
How long is this going to take?? A
Good luck!!
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