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Well, I'm *very* tired, and I feel *ucky*.. i think my stomach is independently alive, and conscious, and self-aware.... it certainly feels like it is...

and i'm too warm... and yet, i keep shivering every so often... hmmmmm.. sounds like i might be ill :-(

i managed to do pretty much *zero* code today... i stared at it for a while, but it just kept making less and less sense, so i gave up.... not good... it needs finishing ASAP, then I'm free of any obligations to the person who runs Unified Links... and I get back to the nice state of being able to tell her to go f*ck herself if she pisses me off... which she has a habbit of doing....

i guess i'll have to try and get up in the morning and work all day... concentration or not.. i have to *focus* and i have to *make* my brain work...

<looks horrified>

I don't *want* to :-(

<shrug> I guess I took on this code.. sort of... although I did get *severely* rail-roaded into it....

I just got into my email, seems my Angel got online not all *that* long after I wrote that journal entry this morning... I've not been online since then though... and she was in a mood to talk.. :-(

and now I'm tired and ucky, so I can't stay and talk for long cos I need sleep and i *really* have to get up and force myself to code...

i *hate* this. I wanna just be able to hold her, to curl up and by cuddled and held safe, safe in the warmth of her love, safe in the knowledge that i am loved, safe in her arms.


I love you Angel


   *   G