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Since this style seems to be being actively worked on, figured I'd play with the CSS a bit and see if I could come up with a neat little fix for the link-list.

And now I've got something that works, I've sent it to the guy that's listed as being the author of this style, veroz... since the fix doesn't fit in the text space for CSS..!

Oh... and LJ won't allow you to use "@import" in user-specified CSS -grrrrr- so I couldn't just tack it on to my bit and bypass that damnable text box!

My bodge for getting HRs working was a little broken too... I forgot that "text-align : center" doesn't work how I want it to...

I always forget text-align: its not an pseudonym for horizontal-align:, which would have been a *really* sensible thing to have in the CSS specs... after all, in Ye Olde HTML 2 you could do <center><hr><center> (can't remember if you're allowedwidths...), in HTML 3, you could be more succinct; <hr align=center width=75%>... but to be strictly HTML 4, unless I've missed something, you have to do... <hr style="width : 75%; position : relative; left : 12%">... just think, <hr style="width : 75%; horizontal-align : center;>.... the real oddity is that there is a vertical-align style gizmo...!

So, I'm gonna live without having links that have a pretty pink background on-hover to make them stand out... cos yet again, the box for specifying CSS is too small for that and HR!

And another problem... long titles go other puddytat's face... something else to try and sort out... width won't work cos it'll make long titles further down look wierd... so, move the top of entry list down below puss and fix the bottom....

[EDIT: Hmmm..... I'm not sure whether it's something I've done, or if it's in the underlying style, but the Comments{n=0} glitch just didn't happen to me... ]