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Another style glitch... or two!

Hmmm.... more glitchiness... documented here so I can maybe fix them when/if I play and build a better version of this style...

IE (6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-15-19)

  • The pupils are in (about) the right place, but IE is drawing the entry box a long way away from where it should be... so you get the pupils floating in space and a faceless puddytat!

    The cat's actually rather cute like that, but the pupils are just peculiar!

  • Oh... and unordered lists don't seem to show up in IE either, atleast in the individual entry view.

FireFox (

  • There's also a FireFox glitch if you view an individual entry... there's a break in the border of the entry area underneath the Comments{n} line.... I assume that this is because this is an "elastic box" and the break is between the elasticated part and the boilerplate at the bottom.
    • This doesn't affect the journal list view...

    • It also doesn't affect entries that have got comments... it looks like there's more elastication for the comments section and its either not getting built server-side where there's no comments, or there's a different style class used when there's 'no comments' as opposed to 'output the comment list'... and the 'no comments' style is broken...