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My new look LJ...

OK, so I got bored with how my LJ looked in purple... it's been like that for ages!

And I've had one of those "do lots of little annoying things that get on your nerves" type-days, so I've spent the past hour or so playing!

So now I have a cutesy new look... it's called "Cuteness Attack," its all pink and cute, and I LOVE it!!!

It's not 100% perfect though.

  • My purple-background icons don't look quite right

  • My list of links dissappeared... peeking at the CSS, there's some style rules missing for the link-list. I've put in a TempoBodgeTM for the moment (luckily there's a custom CSS entry box in customisation), but I suspect I'm going to have to build a full style to get it to work right... and even then its not going to be easy as the original Cuteness Attack uses a single image as the background to it's navigation menu and I would like to have the same menu underneath the (dynamic length) link list...

  • And even when I got it visible, the whole menu was being forced to be as wide as the longest link text... and the entry text was being flowed-around the menu chunk, which encroached at the left of the entry panel... and made it all look a bit weird... all cos the link list did't have a width styled in...!

  • EDIT: Now I've posted with an lj-cut, my normal trick of inserting a horizontal rule where my lj-cuts are is also failing to work properly as the HRs are not visible! (TempoBodgeTM number 2 time!)

I'm stopping looking for problems with the builtin styling now cos I've hit the character limit for the "other CSS rules" text field!