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I just got the coolest thing through the post.... it's a 4 inch bright yellow trackball!

OK, so it's a Microsoft EasyBall, but still, I've wanted one of these since they came out years ago! I'm willing to let MS off this time cos it's so cute!

Not sure it's actually going to be as much use as I'd hoped for precision stuff... I figured that if it's good for kiddies and other people who don't have good fine motor capabilities, then it would also be good to use where you wanted tight control over motion... as I say, not sure it's going to do that as well as I'd hoped... I can still see me picking up a graphics tablet of some sort at some point... but it's better than the slightly flaky trackpad on my laptop that has a tendency to decide it wants to point-and-click-at the Windows start button at the most inconvenient moments... usually part way through doing something draggy... and unlike a mouse, the EasyBall is usable when there isn't a flat surface around... so it's not a bad toy really *^_^*

Did I mention it's big and it's bright yellow?


In other news, I'm back down in Dorset for the moment... am going back up to Leeds some time around the 3rd of March... we're having a half-grave for my Gran's ashes, and (finally) we're also going to do something with my sister's ashes too... she's going to share with Gran... I think she'd have liked knowing she was near her Grandma.

Anyway, gotta go.... still trying to catch up with parcels... I spent my Christmas money on eBay and Amazon while I was up north... before Gran got really bad... so I had quite a few packages waiting for me when I got back... I'd expected to be here though.... I mean, I originally went up there for the weekend just to visit her in hospital cos she had an infection.... and a month later it was her funeral.... so anyway, I still have to go chase up the local Post Office delivery office for something that needs a signature... and they close at silly times (lunchtime or something....) I mean, it takes me till lunchtime to wake *up* properly!