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Wow am *I* relieved...!

So, gpart didn't find my lvm partition. It gave me enough to work with though.

I knew the disk layout was:
    hdd1     8e (Linux LVM)
    hdd2    82 (Linux Swap)
    hdd3    8e (Linux LVM)

Having already played with the lvm tools using a partition spanning the whole disk, I knew that the first partition was approximately a 12Gb MySql partition, so not the one I was trying to recover. That was the only thing in that first LVM partition.

Furthermore, I knew that the swap partition was either 2.5Gb or 3Gb.

And this is where gpart was a saviour...! It found my swap partition...!

Without the earlier probing and the little bits I'd remembered of the disk layout, that wouldn't necessarily be enough to help, but *with* that info it's plenty!

Now, re-attach the new system drive as it has my target filesystem for writing any recovered data to on it, and boot into Fedora Cora rescue mode.

So, next it's into fdisk to recreate the swap partition with the sector values gpart found me, and two new LVM partitions, (*hopefully*) in the places previously occupied by the original (lost) ones... and we're ready to rock'n'roll with lvm again!

vgscan to see what we can see... lo-and-behold, my "dead" volume group is in a terrible state, with logical volumes missing left, right and center, but it *is* listing the one I want (Storage) as being present.... !YAY!

vgchange -P -a y Storage

to make Linux see my wounded volume group (-P... work with partial VGs... very useful LVM2 improvment over LVM1 :-) ).

Now its only available as read-only (becuase its from a partial VG), but that's OK... I only need to be able to read from it... mount it up, mount up the target filesystem and cp -a's your uncle!!!!!

Goddess know how pleased and relieved I am right now...!

There's *all*sorts on that filesystem....

I am officially one *VERY* relieved GeekGirl right now!

So, I'm off to bed, and Linux is going to copy my data while I sleep -fingers-crossed-

Night all


18th Nov, 2005 02:40 (UTC)
18th Nov, 2005 02:51 (UTC)
Thankya hunny :-)

OMG, that was *so* scary.... serves me right for doing stuff when I'm feeling *stupidly* tired!