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Odd entry by sarah.

Um, Im not Jonathan. Im sarah. Or as you might know me, Im his Angel. The one he loves, Yeah.. Thats me.

Um, I dont even know who Im talking to. I doubt anyone reads this besides me and him, But oh well.

He Isnt online, Which at this moment Is a plus. I have had some time to think about him. All though, I must admit I hate him sometimes, Because he Isnt here with me, I love him with all my heart.

He makes me so happy. He looks over me, And Keeps me safe, As much as he can. He Is a great friend, And an even Better Lover. I just hope someday We can actually be together, And Hold one another till all the pain fades.

I do love Jonathan. He Is the one I adore, And wish to spend the rest of my life with. I just hope he feels the same way.

I know he does, But I enjoy bugging him and making him think That I dont. Sometimes I dont believe It, but Sometimes I Just enjoy Bothering him and Annoying him. He looks so cute when upset. ::giggles::

I love you jonathan. Sorry For writing In this, Cause Its not Mine.

::blows a kiss::

-Your angel, Sarah.